Promotions Assignment

Promotions Assignment – Steven Spagnuolo, Donny Tweten

Windsor Express Ticket Giveaway

Customers are local basketball fans and their family members along with families of all kinds. Teenagers, couples, kids are also potential customers.

Twitter: Announce the ticket giveaway and get as many local figures to repost the tweets. Notify the public about a week in advance that something big is on the way and worth of mouth should spread.

Facebook: Taking the same approach as Twitter but getting more feedback from the public. With all the character limitations on Twitter we won’t be able to receive in-depth comments but on Facebook the responses should be lengthy and rapid.

Instagram: Posting more photos of the team and all the members, including before, during and after shots of the game. Fans want as much material they can get and providing them with more photos should intrigue a new audience.

Company Blog: Admitting that the current price for tickets is too high and announce the ticket giveaway simultaneously with Twitter and Facebook as well as mainstream media.

Soundcloud: Release interviews with coaches, team members, and local figures. Get as much information out there as possible to get fans excited for the events.

YouTube: “Behind the scenes” videos as well as short, funny skits with people involved in the basketball community. Keep it light, not everything has to be serious.

Email: Mark Falkner at The Windsor Star, Owen Wolter from, EVERY radio station in the Windsor area, The Saint.

Mainstream Media: CBC TV, Cogeco TV, CTV. Get as much coverage as possible!

Seniors Zumba Class

Customers are active women senior citizens in the Windsor and surrounding areas.

Twitter: Target younger audience through Twitter as not many senior citizens are using this social network site. Inform the public to tell their older loved ones about this great way to stay healthy.

Facebook: Remind people the benefits of joining the zumba class and how it can keep you in shape.

Instagram: Release before and after photos of current members to show the difference a zumba class can offer.

Company Blog: Same as Facebook, reminding the public that it’s a great way to stay healthy and social.

Soundcloud: Podcasts of class to see what you’re in for. Some senior citizens may think that it will be too high-paced for them to handle so by releasing a podcast of a class they can judge for themselves if it’s for them or not.

YouTube: Videos of members giving testimonials about how their lives have improved after joining classes giving inspiration to potential new members.

Email: ALL radio stations (everyone knows someone older who can benefit from the class), The Windsor Star, Detroit Free Press, Windsor Social Magazine,, Essex Free Press, Windsor Body,, The Saint.

Mainstream Media: CBC TV, Cogeco TV, CTV.

Full Circle Vintage Shop Grand Opening

Customers can be anyone from teenagers to adults. Everyone likes pizza, right?

Twitter: Announce grand opening and get as many local residents to share as possible. You will reach a very large audience, especially younger people who are willing to spend some money to try something new.

Facebook: Create a page for the business and ask the public on what they like and what they don’t like. Try to get as much information as possible about your potential customers so that they will be satisfied once they make that final purchasing decision.

Instagram: Post photos of the venue and the food you’re offering. Everyone’s posting pictures of food on Instagram, but this is a legitimate reason to do so. Let the people get a sense of what they’re coming in to purchase.

Company Blog: Same as Twitter but more in-depth without all the character limitations. This will reach a more mature audience.

Soundcloud: Give some samples of food to locals and record their reactions then upload and share. By hearing the feedback of another customer one will feel more inclined to check the place out.

YouTube: Give a tour of the location to show people what they’re in for.

Email: Biz X Magazine, Detroit News, The Drive Magazine, The Hour Magazine, InPlay Magazine,, The Saint, The Scoop, Windsor Business, Windsor Eats,, Windsor Social Magazine, The Windsor Star.

Mainstream Media: CBC TV, Cogeco TV, CTV.


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